“Fronting” (Body Language 101)

A technical term, “fronting” is simply when a person turns their whole body towards you. Although you wouldn’t think it, you can learn a great deal about how a person feels about you by the degree to which they face you.

One of many unconscious behaviours we perform, body language experts across the world agree that fronting is controlled by a primitive part of our brain called the limbic system. As fronting someone exposes vital organs such as the heart and lungs, fronting inherently puts you at risk should the person you are facing wish to attack. Although such violence is rare in modern society, real or imagined, our limbic system is designed to protect us from all threats. As a result, our limbic system simply won’t allow us to perform fronting behaviour in the presence of people we dislike or distrust. Given this, although often overlooked, fronting is a clear indication that a person is comfortable with, trusts you and likes you (potentially even romantically).

So, the next time you notice someone stood at an angel whilst talking to you, think to yourself, is this person stood at an angle because they are simply in a rush? Or is there a deeper reason, perhaps one of distrust or dislike that you can rectify.

Evolution Wasn’t Prepared For Logistics, Fridges And Fast Food

Our brain has evolved to get as much energy as it can, when it can, by expending as little as it can! With a brain like this it is not as easy as it sounds just to rationalise and tell ourselves that junk food is bad for us. Our brain simply isn’t wired to check food labels, its wired to say, hell that burger has all the energy I need for one day, give me that!

Our brain is pretty much the same as it was thousands of years ago. The problem is, advancements in technology and logistics have created a world where there is no need to stock up on food. Food supply is reliable and on demand. So although it may have been handy for our ancestors to eat as much food as possible, in today’s world, this mindset does more harm than good.

So what can we do about this evolutionary hangup? Its quite simple really, we don’t have to get rid of junk food completely, we just have to make sure it is out of sight and more difficult to get to than the alternative.

So rather than putting junk food on display, instead try putting it out of sight, out of reach and out of mind. Instead of including treats in your weekly shop, try making yourself walk to the shop to get them. You will be amazed how much less tasty coca cola is when you actually have to walk to the shop to buy a single can every time.

The point is, because of evolution, we are designed to take the path of least resistance to our conserve energy. So if you want to adopt a healthy habit (or any habit for that matter), you have to work with your evolution not against it. Put simply, if you want to adopt a habit, you must make the path to that habit as resistance free as possible!

Why Do People Become Dr’s For Their Parents Not Themselves?

Psychologist Carl Rogers came up with a theory called the congruency theory. He believed that we have and actual self (who we are now) and an ideal self (who we want to be). Rogers believed that the more the two selves overlap, the happier we will be. The problem is, our ideal self is not just who we want to be these days, its also who our parents want us to be, who our partner wants us to be, and even through media, who society wants us to be.

Now this is a problem for two reasons. One, because who your parents/partner/society wants you to be may not fit your unique talents traits and abilities. And two, because the pressure people’s/society’s expectations put on you can cause tremendous stress, and in many instances (e.g. the poor kid who failed to get into Med school like his parents dreamt) can cripple a persons self esteem, leaving them feeling worthless and extremely unhappy.

So the next time you catch yourself judging somebodies aspirations, remember, humanity is diverse, and as such, so are peoples skills and abilities. Don’t make people feel unsuccessful just because they’re not pursuing the same goals as you. So what if little Jack Jr doesn’t want to become a lawyer like you did, becoming a lawyer doesn’t define success! Invest energy in the reward and engorgement of others true talents and passions and you will help create a far happier, exciting and successful society.

This is one of the keys to happiness, don’t underestimate its significance.