About me

I’m 20 years old, eager to learn from others, and have a great respect for foreign cultures and different ways of thinking.

Whether it’s a spur of the moment stargaze, hike, camp or beach bonfire, I love the outdoors and the wildlife I share it with. Between this, reading, rock climbing and sea kayaking, I stay pretty busy in my spare time.

O, and I almost forgot, whether I’m whipping up a tasty treat on a campfire, BBQ or cooker, I love to cook!

But, as pictures paint a thousand words, here’s some for you to enjoy and laugh at.

The cute, too cool for school, and bowl cut stages :L

Racing through boulder fields before the sea came in.

Blitzing up boulders in Fontainebleau France.

Sock wars! Cheap entertainment at its finest.

Campfire cooking! (and in case you were wondering, it’s risotto :L)

Cooking Christmas dinner for the flat.

And finally, kayaking with my favourite goon 😛

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